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Name: Electro Royale
Requirements: Omnisphere 1 or 2
Number of sounds: 150
Format: Omnisphere 1 or 2
Style: Electro, EDM, Pop

3 Distortion
30 Pads & Strings
54 Bass sounds
63 Synth & Leads



​For Spectrasonics Omnisphere

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Electro Royale is a collection of sounds that draws inspiration from the harder and louder EDM genres, such as Big Room, while still keeping a foot in the melodic and mellow. Electro Royale combines big, noisy, screeching leads and basses with mellow and laid back plucks and pads. Combine for maximum effect.

"electro royale can best be described as a collection of the hard and the soft. the obnoxious and the cool."

To achieve a wide sound palette, we departed from our normal way of making sounds, and opened the flood gates and used everything from the internal synth engine and source materials from synth legends such as Virus, Minimoog and Roland JP-8000 - to plastic sounding Casio keyboards, massive sounds from softsynths and even ambient soundscapes.

This is part of the Electro Bundle
This soundset is a part of the Electro Bundle, which means if you own two of the the soundsets (Electro Royale, Lounge Electro and Analog All-Stars) you get the third for free. Contact us with your details and we'll send you the last soundset to you.

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