Soundset Artwork

Name: Eternal Beauty of Fundamentals
Requirements: Sequential Take-5
Number of sounds: 128
Format: SysEx
Style: Ambient, Relaxing, Cinematic

4 Arpeggios & Sequences
42 Synth & Leads
39 Pads & Strings
​5 Effects
​38 Textures & Soundscapes



For Sequential Take-5

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Pure and simple, yet lays down the groundwork of extremely complex and massive sounds, the sine wave is by far the most overlooked waveform in the world of synthesizers. Sorry triangle. You are sweet and have potential, but you don’t come even close to the possibilities of a sine wave.

When Sequential released the Take 5 with its dual oscillators both capable of sine waves, there wasn’t a moments notice before we knew Dave Smith and his team of synthbuilders were on to something really special.

Sine waves on an analog synth - and a polyphonic synthesizer at that - is a true rarity.

“eternal beauty of fundamentals is an ambient soundset focusing on the most fundamental waveforms there is: the sine wave.”

This soundset is a celebration of the most fundamental waveform of them all: the sine wave. Our concept during the design was simple as the waveform itself. Base all sounds on sine waves, and utilise all the modulation capabilities and effects available on the T5. Take it to the edge. See how far you can go with nothing else but sine waves.

A secondary goal was to move out the T5 from its comfort zone of sounding “traditionally vintage”, and edge it closer to the world of experimental ambient sounds, with dark bells, massive walls of sounds and strange, random tunings.

Just sine waves then? Well, not exactly. The first six banks are just pure sine waves, but with the last two banks, we started experimenting with adding just a touch of sawtooth to see where that would take us.

It was like lighting a bowl of Tequila with your bare fingers.
Raw, powerful and full with character. The Take 5 is truly a remarkable synthesizer.

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