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Name: Damaged Bits
Requirements: Sampler / DAW
Number of sounds: 194
Format: WAV
Style: Industrial, Techno, Lofi

32 Clean Drums and Tonal sounds
102 Atari Drums and Tonal sounds
​60 Atari Speech Synthesizer Voices



Sample pack (Oneshots)

14.90 Euro


In the early days of digital music technology, the Atari ST kicked off the big revolution of computer based music production and gave birth to new softwares like Cubase and Notator, which later blossomed into Logic for Apple computers.

During that time companies like Ensoniq, Emu and Akai were constructing samplers with high-end technology of that era. On the opposite end of that spectrum, hobbyists could expand their Ataris and Amigas with sampling expanders, that basically turned their computers into samplers on a budget. But with one major drawback. The quality of the sampling hardware were everything but good.

Today those old samplers brings a completely different flavour of low fidelity not easily achieved with modern plugins.

“elektron analog rytm vs atari st.
​a collection of samples with extremely low quality.”

Atari ST
Atari ST and Analog Rytm
Atari Sampling Cartridge

Damaged Bits is a collection of drum samples from the Elektron Analog Rytm, recorded with two different sampling expanders: Replay 4 and Replay 16.

Replay 4 is an absolute wonder in 8-bit lofi with a wonderful 48db signal to noise ratio. Replay 16 is of better quality and can almost be regarded as passable by todays standards. Almost.

The 8-bit sounds feel completely broken, while the 16-bit samples have a more natural tone - even when the inputs are driven too hot.

We sampled a bunch of our favourite drum sounds from the Elektron, and added a handful of tonal stabs and bass sounds to make the library more complete. We also added a couple of clean sounds (not sampled with the Atari) to make the library being able to stand in some kind of non-twisted reality.

As a last throwback to the old days, we sampled 60 phrases and words using the iconic speech synthesizer of the Atari.

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