Soundset Artwork

Name: Anthology 2
Requirements: Omnisphere 2
Number of sounds: 271
Format: Omnisphere 2
Style: 90s, Pop, Analog/Digital

97 Arpeggios & Sequences
33 Bass sounds
47 Pads & Strings
38 Synth & Leads
6 Drum & Percussion
50 Multi sounds



​For Spectrasonics Omnisphere

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With the second release in our Anthology series we are stepping into the 90s and are giving all out attention to one synthesizer brand: Roland. For Anthology 2 we built the soundset around analog synthesizers like the Roland Juno and the JX but also legendary digital synthesizers such as the D50 and JD800.

While we had the sound of 90s in our hearts during the making of these sounds, we always let the sounds take us where they wanted.

"anthology 2 is a collection that focuses on classic roland synthesizers from the 90s."

To take the sound of the 90s into a full circle, we also added an “old hardware sampler” aspect, by adding a handful of female pop choirs (from the Omnisphere Symphony of Voices library), which we used to layer with the analog and digital synthesizers.

All the sounds were based on the internal library of sampled synth sounds in Omnisphere, apart from a handful of analog drum sounds to give the soundset the feel of a 1990s workstation.

Together with the single sounds we also created 50 multi sounds where we have stacked many layers to create fatter and more complex leads, bass sounds, pads and sequences.

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