Soundset Artwork

Name: Classic House Chords 2
Requirements: Diva
Number of sounds: 150 + 150
Format: Diva, Native Instruments NKS
Style: Deep House, House, Progressive

150 Stabs & Chords
34 Bass sounds
96 Synth & Leads
​20 Pads & Strings



​For u-he Diva

19.90 Euro


Classic House Chords 2 is the follow-up to our popular stab and chord expander for u-he Diva. Just as the first soundset, Classic House Chords 2 is a collection of 150 chords and stabs for all flavours of house: from lush Deep House organs / electric pianos and sharp retro Detroit stabs to modern interval basses for Minimal, Progressive and EDM genres as well as majestic pad chords for uplifting house.

"classic house chords 2 delivers instant creative inspiration for all genres of house music."

From simple tuned interval bass sounds to massive arrays of Moog oscillators, we took all our experience with u-he Diva since the release of the first soundset and pushed it even further. We used cross modulation in the Roland Jupiter oscillator to create fake supersaws and quantized envelopes to give a rough old-school edge to the sounds. Every aspect of Diva have been used from the digital oscillators to the analog, working with ring modulation, FM, cross modulation and with experimental stack tunings.

Apart from the 150 chord patches, we have included an additional bonus collection of sounds called “Classic House Singles 2”. This is a collection of polyphonic versions all the patches but without the chords or stacks. These patches are a great starting point from where you can take your favourite sounds and create your own chords and stabs in your DAW or stack them yourself in Diva. This collection is like a separate soundset of itself complete with pads, leads and bass sounds.

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