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Name: Analog Deep House
Requirements: Diva
Number of sounds: 488 (244 Diva+WAVs)
Format: Diva, Native Instruments NKS, WAV
Style: Deep House, Electronic, House

Diva (244 sounds)
43 Bass sounds
43 Chords and Stabs
19 Drum & Percussion
16 Effects
46 Pads and Strings
77 Synth sounds

Audio WAV (244 sounds)
43 Bass sounds
43 Chords and Stabs
19 Drum & Percussion
16 Effects
46 Pads and Strings
77 Synth sounds



​For u-he Diva

24.90 Euro.


Deeper. More House. More Soul. More presets.
And a lot creamier.

This soundset builds on top of one of our best selling soundsets ever, with the goal to improve on everything that made the original popular. Apart from that it contains more sounds than its predecessor, we also went deeper with the sound design, focusing a lot on creating extra creamy sounds, phasey effects and replications of classic Leslie/Rotary effects.

Analog Deep House 2 is a complete soundset for Diva, which means it contains everything you need to create smooth and soulful house, from deep analog bass sounds and subs, to swirling electric pianos and chords. Analog pianos. And lots of deep and dark stabby chords just waiting to lay the inspirational foundation of your tracks. The soundset also comes with a selection of synthesized drums, percussion and effects suited for the genre.

"from deep and soulful to
old-school and uplifting,
analog deep house 2
is a celebration of
laidback house genres"

Just as its predecessor, Analog Deep House 2 is divided into two parts. The first part contains 150 patches utilising every feature available in Diva, from the deep Jupiter-8 sine waves to the more modern sounding digital oscillators.

The second part is called “Deep Digital” and is an additional collection of 63 patches that uses the digital oscillator in Diva, which produces more complex and advanced waveforms than the analog oscillators. The sound of this collection have a bit more modern edge.

As much as we love pre-programmed chords, we know that you also love creating them yourself, so we separated the core sound from all the chords/stabs into a bonus segment of singles. So you easily can build your own chords in jazzy keys.

As a last bonus for all sample-heads out there, we recorded all the sounds as audio files, so you can feed your Elektron samplers, Polyend Trackers or software samplers.

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