Soundset Artwork

Name: Operatr
Requirements: Digitakt
Number of sounds: 190
Format: Digitakt + WAV
Style: House, Pop, Electronica

43 Bass sounds
60 Synth & Leads
23 Pads & Strings
8 Textures & Soundscapes
42 Drum & Percussion
14 Effects



​For Elektron Digitakt

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Operatr for the Elektron Digitakt and is focused on the sound of the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Replicating the sound of the OP-1 for Digitakt posed a challenge we simply couldn’t resist. They say that limitations is the mother of inventions, and this is especially true with this soundset, where we had to use (and misuse) modulators and destinations to get where we wanted.

"operatr is a collection of 190 sounds based on the unique sounds of ​the teenage engineering op-1."

Loved by the people who use it. Branded as a flamboyant toy for hipsters by the ones who don’t, the OP-1 is a divisive synthesizer, but most importantly - a very special synthesizer. Every oscillator and every effect have a tone that is both unique and quirky. The OP-1 is very far from a standard virtual analog synthesizer.

For Operatr, we sampled the 64 aspects of the OP-1, from bass sounds, chords, leads, textures, pads and of course drum sounds. From these original samples, we created new 190 patches for the Digitakt, from simple sounds that just play the clean waveform from the OP-1 - to complex and remodelled sounds. And yes - we sampled the OP-1 disconnected from USB for the cleanest audio signal.

This soundset is for the Elektron Digitakt hardware only. The 64 audio files works fine with Elektron Analog Rytm and Model: Samples. But the 190 sounds/presets are only compatible with the Digitakt.

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