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Name: Bass Invaders 1
Requirements: Analog Rytm
Number of sounds: 200
Format: Analog Rytm (SysEx)
Style: Electronic, Techno, House

200 Bass sounds



​For Elektron Analog Rytm

19.90 Euro


Summer 2017 Elektron released an amazing update for the Analog Rytm drum machine which added a tonal synthesis mode. Dual VCO is a synthesizer engine not made for making drum sounds, but traditional synthesizer sounds such as bass, leads, bleeps and squeeks. And when we say "traditional", we mean traditional in the Elektron way - in other words, not traditional at all. This synth engine is capable of everything from classic analog tones, to complex FM and Ring Modulation timbres with LFO and modulation.

Not only that, but the new Dual VCO mode can be used on the first four parts / pads of the Analog Rytm, effectively turning it into a drum machine with four separate monosynths.

"bass invaders turns the analog rytm into a complete workbox of bass sounds."

Bass Invaders is a collection of 200 new sounds, entirely focused on bass sounds for all sorts of dance music productions: 303 acid-style squeaks, distorted and saturated basses, plucky stabs, intervals, dark deep house electric basses, modulated & complex tones based on FM and Ring Modulation. From styles as such classic old-school house and techno to progressive and deep house.

We played it safe. We made classic bass sounds. We pushed the limits. And we went crazy.

​Bass Invaders for Analog Rytm contains it all.

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